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Disney sued for workplace discrimination in California

The "Muppets" franchise, owned by Disney and based out of California, has been entertaining Americans for decades. However, despite the funny and carefree attitude of the characters on the show, working for "Muppets" is a serious matter and misconduct is fully punishable by law. One of the female first assistant film editors for the "Muppets" movie is suing Disney for workplace discrimination by her employer, the editor of the film.

Reparations for wrongful termination for California mom?

Going back to work after having children is sometimes a difficult decision for a mother, especially when those children have medical issues. There are federal laws and California has its own acts in place to assist parents who need extended time off to take care of sick children. When a mother is fired from an employment position after employers violate these laws, a claim for wrongful termination on the part of the employee may be successful.

Harmless 'fun' or sexual harassment? Law to decide at ITT Tech

Many companies have meetings and conferences meant to encourage camaraderie and motivate their employees. Training sessions, inter-departmental competitions, and company rituals can shape the attitudes and performance of employees. However, when these same motivational tools are used to degrade, pressure or embarrass specific employees, it becomes discrimination and sexual harassment. One California company is about to find out where the court feels this line between harmless "fun" and harassment is drawn.

Southern California trucking firm sued for misclassifying workers

Two brothers who were hired as independent contractors by Harbor Express Inc. are now pursuing a lawsuit against the trucking company, accusing the company of violating their rights by failing to classify them as direct employees of the company.

Will California increase minimum wage requirements?

If you have been reading our San Diego employment law blog for awhile now, you may have come to realize that there are many people who face a variety of challenges in the workplace. Perhaps you have even realized that you have had your rights as an employee violated at one point or another. Although there are state and federal laws in place to make sure employers create safe and respectful workplaces, thousands of employees continue to face unpleasant experiences in the workplace every year.

Lesbian officers in California to receive $1.25M for harassment

In 2011, two female officers for the Los Angeles Police Department had filed a lawsuit against the city for violating their rights as employees. Both of the women are lesbians, and even though employers are prohibited from sexually harassing workers, the two women claimed that they were harassed on several occasions because of their sexual orientation.

Don't let your boss avoid paying you for your last hours of work

Many employment contracts in San Diego and throughout the state of California are presumed to be "at-will" unless stated otherwise. This means an employer may choose to terminate an employee for almost any reason or even no reason.

Domestic Worker Bill of Rights will be re-introduced in California

Every now and then San Diego residents may dream about what it would be like to not have to work. But reality hits and folks realize that they must continue working in order to support their families, save for retirement and afford medical expenses.

California woman says she was harassed at work because she is white

A California woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer citing racial discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. The woman claims that she was fired from her job because she is white and because she had filed a complaint about being harassed by other workers.

Employers still looking at credit reports during hiring process

Two realities resulting from the abysmal state of the economy are unemployment and financial hardship. The two often go hand-in-hand for folks in San Diego, creating quite a paradox: an unemployed person needs a job to pay for his or her monthly bills, yet those mounting bills may be doing damage to their credit reports, which can negatively impact one's ability to get a job if an employer pulls the applicant's credit report.