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Do you know your most basic employment rights?

Every employed professional should know their fundamental rights as enforced primarily by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These laws apply not only to current employees alone but to job applicants and former employees as well, regardless of their work authorization status or citizenship.

This is to say that temporary, part-time or full-time employees are all protected if they’re applying to work for, are currently working for or have worked for a covered employer.

Freedom from harassment

As an employee, you have the right to work in an environment free from unlawful harassment. This includes protection from discrimination based on any protected characteristic. Employers are obligated to take immediate and effective action when unlawful harassment occurs, helping ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for all.

Fair pay

Fair compensation is not just a privilege; it’s your right. Employers are legally bound to provide fair pay for the work you perform. This extends beyond your salary and encompasses overtime, bonuses and benefits. Understanding your rights regarding compensation can ensure that you are not being unfairly treated.

A safe work environment

Safety is non-negotiable in the work setting; the law mandates workplaces to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. This includes:

  • Implementing safety protocols
  • Providing necessary training
  • Addressing potential hazards promptly.

Knowing your right to a secure workplace can help you hold your employer accountable for failures that result in unreasonable hazards.

Facing the fear of retaliation

Exercising your rights should never lead to retaliation. If you report wrongdoing, participate in an investigation or otherwise assert your rights, the law can protect you from retaliation. Employers cannot take adverse actions against you for standing up for your rights. This protection may foster a culture where employees feel empowered to voice concerns without fear of repercussions.

If you believe your employer is violating any of your basic rights as an employee, you shouldn’t hesitate to take action. By enlisting legal counsel, you can better protect your rights.


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