California Lawyers: Employment Discipline Procedures

There are specific, formal procedures for disciplining most federal, state and local government employees. These procedures are in place to protect the rights of the employee and ensure that due process is provided. For more than two decades, the highly experienced employment law attorneys at San Diego Employment Law Group have represented countless employees who are facing disciplinary actions.

The firm’s lawyers are committed to achieving optimal results for every client. If you are a federal, state or local government employee facing termination, suspension or demotion for any given reason, it is important to consult a knowledgeable attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

Discipline Of Government Employees

Disciplinary proceedings for federal employees are different than for general California governmental employees. Disciplinary actions for state and local employees are addressed in Skelly hearings, named after the precedent-setting 1975 case Skelly v. State Personnel Board, which involved the termination of a government employee.

According to law, due process must be provided in most cases before a state or local government employee’s permanent position can be terminated, or the employee suspended, demoted or subject to a cut in pay, as the employee has a vested property interest in his or her job. Employees need experienced legal representation at Skelly hearings to avoid missteps that could negatively impact the outcome of the case.

After termination, suspension, demotion or reduction in pay, a state or local government employee may have a right to an evidentiary hearing before a court, a civil service commission, a Board of Trustees, the State Personnel Board, an arbitrator, etc. Legal representation is needed for such proceedings. San Diego Employment Law Group has that skill and experience.

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