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EEOC says domestic violence discrimination at work may be illegal

Domestic violence continues to affect women and men throughout the entire country, including folks in San Diego. Victims of domestic violence may suffer from depression when they feel like they will never be able to get out of an abusive relationship, and they may even fear for their lives and the safety of their children.

Language discrimination on the rise in the U.S., EEOC claims

Thousands of workers are employed in San Diego, and many of them come from different ethnic backgrounds and speak different languages. Because the workplace can be so diverse, employers need to be sure their workplaces are tolerant of other cultures in order to avoid discrimination on the basis of national origin.

Sexual harassment happened daily, new workplace lawsuit states

It is disappointing to know that women and men continue to be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is illegal, but every year more incidents are reported in California and throughout the entire country. Some complaints are handled appropriately and immediately by employers. Unfortunately, other complaints are ignored until workers decide to take legal action.

California hospital agrees to pay nearly $1M in harassment suit

A California medical center has agreed to pay $975,000 to settle a class-action national origin discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center on behalf of a group of approximately 70 Filipino-American hospital workers.

EEOC receiving hundreds of workplace discrimination complaints

Workers in San Diego might assume their rights will be protected if they are ever subjected to workplace discrimination or harassment. After all, state and federal laws ban discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

California employees felt unsafe because of workplace harassment

Regardless of state and federal labor and employment laws that are meant to guarantee workers' rights, many employees in California and throughout the entire U.S. still are discriminated against because of their race, appearance, gender, age or religion.

EEOC reports dramatic rise in workplace retaliation complaints

San Diego workers who have had to inform a boss or human resources personnel about an incident of workplace discrimination or harassment might have felt very uncomfortable doing so. Workers don't want their supervisors to think that they are overreacting, but employees also need to make sure that they do report incidents of harassment and discrimination because things might only get worse.

EEOC says it will focus on eliminating pregnancy discrimination

All employees expect to be treated equally in the workplace. In many San Diego offices and work settings, workers are treated fairly and do not have to worry about discrimination or harassment because their employers do a good job of enforcing and reminding employees of California and federal labor and employment laws.

EEOC warns employers against misuse of criminal background checks

Employers in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California may have reasons not to hire or promote employees based on inexperience, poor work history or other factors. However, when it comes to making hiring or promotion decisions, discrimination against job applicants or current employees under state and federal labor and employment laws is not permitted.