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California wage and hour laws for travel time are complex

As in most states, California employment law covering travel time pay is quite complicated. This is necessary to ensure that no worker receives undeserved pay for travel time. At the same time, having such detailed laws ensures that workers get reimbursed for travel time when they do meet the requirements.

Can you receive time off in lieu of overtime pay?

Employment law in the state of California can be quite complex, making it difficult for the average person to understand completely. Often, this can work to an employee's disadvantage. For example, an employer may use a worker's ignorance of employment law to take advantage of him or her. While it is unreasonable to suggest that workers take the time to learn each aspect of employment law, it is wise to cultivate a basic understanding of relevant topics.

When is it legal for employers to pay less than minimum wage?

The government developed the nation's minimum wage requirements to ensure that workers receive fair pay for the work they provide. All state governments, including those in California, enforce the minimum wage by imposing penalties upon employers that fail to comply. Fair pay is one of the most important employment law mandates as it helps families care for their loved ones.