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4 signs of age discrimination at work

Being discriminated against at work because of a group you belong to is unlawful. California’s Civil Rights Department protects employees from discrimination in all stages of employment, from hiring to termination. An employee can be discriminated against because of different factors, including age, especially those above 40 years of age.

Here are four signs of age discrimination at work:

1. Denial of opportunities

If you are missing out on opportunities in your company, you should be alarmed. If only younger individuals are getting these opportunities, you may be experiencing discrimination. For example, if only younger employees are going through training, attending seminars and getting promotions, that’s a potential sign of discrimination.

2. Being forced to retire

Some employers force their employees to retire so they can hire younger individuals. For instance, your employer may make your job so complicated and change things with the express idea of “forcing you out” so they can make room for somebody newer and younger.

3. Being assigned unpleasant duties

If your employer doesn’t succeed in encouraging you to retire, they may offer you unpleasant duties. These are responsibilities that everyone has declined, and they do not help your career. In some instances, you may be transferred to an unexciting department or location while younger employees remain in the busiest or most demanding spots.

4. Ageist jokes and comments 

People make jokes in the workplace. But they should not be disrespectful or attack one’s identity. If your colleagues make derogatory comments about your age, report it to your human resources department or boss. If your bosses are the ones disrespecting you or you are not satisfied with the solutions they offer, you can consider external help.

You deserve to work and grow your career regardless of your age. If you believe you are going through age discrimination, it will help to learn about your legal rights and options.    


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