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Wrongful termination in San Diego

You go home fuming. As soon as the supervisor said they would like a word, you knew where it was leading. You did not bother to listen to the excuses they gave for terminating your employment. You knew the real reason.

You get home, grab a beer, pull out your laptop and type “ways to get revenge on your boss” into the search bar. Then you think better of it and type “wrongful termination” instead. These are some of the grounds on which you may accuse a San Diego employer of wrongful termination:

  • Retaliation: It is illegal to fire someone for filing a complaint, whistleblowing or complying with investigations.
  • Discrimination: Ending your employment because of your color, race, gender, nationality, religion or sexual preference is not allowed. Nor can you lose your job because you are pregnant.
  • Contractual: If you have a written contract, revise it carefully. If you believe the contract prevents you from being fired or being fired within a specific time frame, seek the help of an employment law attorney. Even oral agreements may be valid.
  • Violation of public policy: You have certain rights under state and federal law. For instance, you cannot be made redundant for things you are legally entitled to do such as going on a political demonstration. Or for refusing to break the law, or doing things the law requires you to do, such as jury service.

Seek legal help if you believe your San Diego employer has wrongfully terminated your employment. It is not always easy to prove, as employers can say they fired you due to financial issues or performance issues. However, it may be clear to you they are not telling the truth.


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