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February 2017 Archives

Male coach alleges gender discrimination at UC Berkley

When people think of gender discrimination, they may assume that it is women being discriminated against. However, gender discrimination can involve people of all genders and, like many forms of wrongful termination, can affect just about any working person at any level of their profession. A Southern California employment law attorney can help in cases of suspected wrongful termination.

Securing workers' rights after wrongful termination

In the wake of recent political talk, keeping one's job is more important than ever for many residents of Southern California. Unfortunately, employers may not always follow the law and workers' rights may be violated. If a worker is let go for reasons they suspect are against the law, it may be time to contact a wrongful termination attorney.

The employment of minors in the restaurant industry

San Diego is home to countless award-winning and famous restaurants. In fact, many successful professionals got their start working in restaurants, and many others still make their livings in the industry. One issue that often comes up in employment law is the lawful employment of minors in the restaurant industry. An experienced employment law firm can help with issues such as employee classification, understanding wage laws, denied overtime and more.