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January 2017 Archives

Are fired employees eligible for unemployment compensation?

In Southern California, as well as the rest of the nation, the local economy tends to be like a roller coaster: one moment you're up, the next you're down, and the next you're up again. During the down times, it's helpful to know there is help available. For laid-off workers, this often comes in the lifeline known as unemployment compensation. Unfortunately, unemployment compensation is sometimes at the center of employment disputes between workers and their employers.

Does a popular movie website engage in age discrimination?

Here in Southern California, many local residents may have aspirations to someday become part of the region's huge entertainment industry. For many, that means working day and night secure an audition if they want to become an actor or actress. In this occupational arena, image is everything and most aspiring or currently working actors do all they can to put their best foot forward. For those in the entertainment industry, as well as in most other industries, age discrimination laws can be a powerful protection against workplace discrimination.

Untangling employment contracts for local workers

In today's economy, securing and maintaining employment can be far more complex than these tasks have been in the past. It's certainly not easy to find the right job, and keeping a job can be even more difficult amidst cutthroat competition, ever-increasing demands and employers who want to cut costs at every corner. In some cases, employees or prospective employees in Southern California may be asked to sign employment contracts before either starting work or continuing at a company. These contracts may be complex or even problematic if an employer violates their clauses. However, an experienced employment law firm can help.

Unauthorized overtime and California law

After the holidays, many workers in California want to pick up some overtime so they can start paying back their holiday bills. For other workers, overtime is sorely needed to keep afloat at home. In any case, it's important for workers who are putting in extra hours to know their rights before the law. Overtime provisions are an important part of state law that protect workers from wage and hour law violations.