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December 2016 Archives

Who qualifies for unemployment compensation in California?

There are few things worse than losing one's job. Getting laid-off is a constant threat in today's economy, and countless Californians have experienced the harshness and shock of an unexpected layoff. While there is unemployment compensation available as a safety net for laid-off workers, there are many requirements to obtaining these crucial benefits. For disputes related to unemployment compensation, it may be best to speak with an attorney.

At-will employment and wrongful termination

Today's ever-changing economic conditions mean that many San Diego workers labor under a climate of uncertainty. In California and 48 other states, employment is presumed to be "at-will." Essentially, employment at will means that an employer can technically fire someone for any reason, so long as that reason is not discriminatory, a form of retaliation or in violation of clear public policy.

National origin discrimination and cultural traits

In a state as diverse as California, in a metro with as much international presence as San Diego, it's important that workplace discrimination does not occur. Many workers understand that discrimination based on race, religion and other factors is generally illegal. However, many may not realize that discrimination based on national origin is also against the law. Therefore, workers may become victimized if such discrimination is allowed to take place.

Experienced, compassionate help for sexual harassment victims

Discussing sexual harassment can be an understandably difficult topic for many people, especially victims of the illegal practice. Often, victims of workplace sexual harassment are afraid to come forward for myriad reasons. They may fear retaliation from the harasser or from their boss, they might not want to talk about the details of their harassment or they may not even realize the extent of their legal rights in California. In any event, it is beneficial for such victims to have experienced, compassionate legal help.

Multiple employee rights violations alleged by dismissed coach

When checking the news in California and across the U.S. it is common to see sports coaches losing their jobs in both the professional and college ranks. While this is something that is fodder for talk shows and speculation, it is not always about work performance. Claims of employee rights violations can arise just as readily in the coaching industry as it can with other kinds of jobs. What those who are working in any kind of a job need to understand is that when there is a belief that workplace discrimination, wrongful termination or any other violation has taken place, they have the right to seek compensation in employment claims.