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November 2016 Archives

What rights does a California garment employee have?

People in California who work in the garment industry are often immigrants or new to the workforce. With that, they might not fully understand the rights they are accorded under the law. The California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement protects these workers by investigating and handling any issue that might arise. Problems that are often relevant include being denied breaks or overtime, not receiving what they are supposed to under state hour and wage laws and poor workplace conditions. Even undocumented workers are protected.

Woman sues famous restaurant for employment discrimination

In California, many forms of employment discrimination are against the law. For example, the law prohibits discrimination because of a person's age, national origin, race, religion or gender. This applies when a person already has a job and is confronted with workplace discrimination or is mistreated when seeking employment. Those who are subjected to discrimination need to be aware that any violation of their employee rights could be the basis for a legal filing. This is not relegated to certain jobs; it can occur in any workplace, including well-known businesses.

Unsafe work conditions and the right to refuse to do certain jobs

A common fear among workers in California is that they will be at risk for losing their jobs if they report unsafe work conditions or refuse to work under them. It is important for workers to understand their rights to protect themselves and to know that employers cannot fire them for refusing to take part in hazardous work. There are laws that will protect employees from a wrongful discharge in these circumstances. If they have been violated, it could be the basis to a legal filing to be compensated.

Woman alleges wrongful termination after being treated for cancer

Employees in California who lose their jobs need to understand whether the termination was based on legal grounds. In other words, there are protections accorded to employees based on state employment law. If employers have violated the law in any way, it could be the foundation of a legal filing to get compensation. Making certain to protect one's rights is the key when an employee's contract is terminated for reasons that are not in line with the law. This can happen in any kind of job whether it is high or low profile.