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August 2016 Archives

Class action suit alleges Chipotle denied overtime to workers

Californians have the right to expect that their employer will adhere to all state and federal employment laws. Unfortunately, some employers will fail to follow through on that. Examples that often arise include not paying overtime, failing to give sick days and not providing the employee with vacation time. These instances do not just occur at low-profile jobs with smaller, unknown companies. In some cases, they happen with prominent employers whose have a corporate image that implies that they treat their employees far better than the law requires.

What is the law for final pay and severance?

California employees never know when their job might be in jeopardy, eliminated or they might be dismissed. It is with this in mind that workers are accorded various protections under the law such as final pay and severance. However, there are times when employers might seek to avoid giving employees what they are supposed to receive based on the law and their employment contract. When there is a deprivation of benefits or a breach of contract, those who were affected by this treatment need to know that they have the right to seek compensation through a legal filing.

Two FedEx Ground employees faced harassment on the job

It might come as a surprise to many in California that various forms of harassment in the workplace are still an ongoing issue. To those who are subjected to it, it is no surprise whatsoever. Knowing what to do in such a circumstance might sound like a simple matter of reporting it to the proper authorities, but that does not always work and it is sometimes necessary to think about a legal claim for discrimination at work or for other allegations of mistreatment. Everyone has the right to fair treatment at work and in some instances, a legal filing is the only way to achieve that.

What are workers' rights if there are unsafe work conditions?

Some California workers take safety for granted, because they know their employers are just as concerned about worker safety as the employees are. That, unfortunately, is not the case at every workplace, and there are circumstances in which employees are put in danger due to hazards and other issues at work. Workers need to know their rights to a safe workplace and what to do if their well-being is placed in jeopardy.

Pastor accused of sexual harassment of contractor

Sexual harassment can occur at any workplace in California and can also come in many different forms. Those who are subjected to this form of treatment might be intimidated or not even realize that the behavior they are facing is against the law. When harassment at work takes place, those who are victimized must make certain to protect themselves and stand up for their rights. Sometimes, the only way they can do this is to pursue a legal case.

Large pharmaceutical CEO accused of sexual harassment

California employees who deal with sexual harassment can see the situation spiral beyond the simple act of a superior or coworker making unwanted sexual advances. In certain instances, the harassment at work results in sexual acts between the parties whether the alleged victim wanted them or not. These circumstances can lead to greater problems such as children being born and the work atmosphere becoming toxic. Those who have become embroiled in such a situation should know that they still have a right to explore the possibility of taking legal action if they have been a victim of harassment.

Violating employee classification laws remains a problem

In California, employees are supposed to be properly classified as to their work status. This is to ensure that both the employer and employee have a legal relationship, and the employee is accorded all of the rights he or she is mandated to have. The failure to adhere to this law can lead to violations of the law. For example, the employee may not be receiving health insurance or overtime wages, and and the proper taxes may not be being paid. Failure to classify workers as they should be is an ongoing issue across the country.

What employee rights do janitorial workers get in California?

Janitorial work is an integral job in California that gives people a way to earn a sound living. In some instances, however, these workers are confronted with a denial of benefits and other reasons to file employment claims. Protected under the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), these workers can file a complaint even if they are undocumented.