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July 2016 Archives

Legal help for private sector employment disputes

In California, every worker is accorded certain rights and protections. Some employees who are working in the public sector may have a better grasp of their rights regarding workplace issues, such as breach of contract. For private sector employees, issues such as contract disputes along with other workplace issues can be complicated and lead to confusion leaving workers unsure of what to do if they are affected. Having legal assistance that is specifically dedicated to helping those who work in the private sector with a unique understanding of the various aspects that are involved is key if there is a disagreement.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is still an issue

California employees who have been subjected to sexual innuendos or other behaviors that fall under the criteria of being considered sexual harassment might feel as if they are alone in what they are dealing with. However, some might have been heartened by a recent story involving a former anchor for Fox News and the subsequent punishments administered to her former boss who was accused of the harassment. This story coming to light is an indicator that there is still a problem with sexual harassment at work. Those who feel victimized need to understand that they have rights.

Employee claims against fast food corporations helped by decision

In California, the workers who are often vulnerable to various forms of ill treatment at the hands of their employers are those in the food industry. Some of these workers are from other countries or are otherwise not aware of their rights as an employee when it comes to the minimum wage and hour laws. What they must understand is that their employer is required to adhere to the law. With a chain restaurant, it is becoming increasingly possible to hold the company responsible for violations just as much as the franchisee.

Filing employee claims of discrimination and retaliation

Employees in California are often unaware of their right to have protection for retaliation and their right to be protected from discrimination on the job. When there are activities or behaviors taking place at work that fall into the category of retaliation or discrimination, there are certain procedures for employees to follow regarding the filing of the complaint with the Labor Commissioner. It is important to follow these procedures to ensure that the case will be valid.

Former Fox News host files sexual harassment case

Many sexual harassment allegations and cases in California are not prominently featured in the news. This does not mean that they do not occur with significant frequency. It is simply a byproduct of such issues as harassment at work not being newsworthy unless it is a public person or entity involved. However, these incidents can happen in any job whether it is a publicly recognizable situation or not.

Employee rights with employment inquiries, Part II

Employees and applicants for jobs in California need to have an understanding of what employers are allowed to ask in regards to personal information. This is based on the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. A previous post gave a basic foundation of what this law entails and certain specifics about it.

What can pregnant employees expect for leave and return?

When a California employee is pregnant, she might have a vague understanding of her rights under the law when it comes to duties at work, time off and other issues. It is important to note, however, that state law is specific about what pregnant employees can expect when it comes to receiving salary and benefits during pregnancy leave as well as what their return rights are. Employment disputes frequently arise because of pregnancy. Knowing these rights under the law can potentially keep employers from taking liberties against pregnant employees and provide a guideline to seeking compensation if there is a violation.

Employee rights with employment inquiries, Part I

When a person is employed or seeking employment in California, there are certain employee rights concerning information that the employer is allowed to request. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits inquiries in any way that relate to non-job aspects of a person's life as his or her race, religion, color, physical disability, sex, sexual orientation, age and more. Disability discrimination, religious discrimination, race discrimination and other discriminatory acts are against the law.

Man dismissed for investigation files whistleblower case

In California, a whistleblower claim can happen in any job regardless of its category. When there is a violation in place at the job, an employee has the right to report it without worrying about facing wrongful termination or other retaliatory acts. Part of the law is that there is protection for retaliation as part of the employee rights. Those who see wrongdoing should not be dissuaded from reporting it for fear of retaliation of any kind. When this type of retaliation does occur, there is the right to seek compensation through a legal case.