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November 2015 Archives

Walking a thin line with no room for error

For many workers-of-color, the face of discrimination comes long before they even get a chance to get their foot in the door for their first day. It may even begin when they first hand in their resume. According to recent studies surrounding workplace and hiring discrimination for minority workers, some applicants resumes are being overlooked, simply because their names may sound too “black.”

Employers can be held accountable for employment law violations

It can be very stressful when California employees are treated unfairly at their places of employment. This is especially true when a worker's financial stability is affected. It is not always easy to decide to sue an employer, though professional help is available to deal with these challenging issues effectively. All employers have a duty to treat their workers fairly under the law.

Workplace discrimination: Amtrak accused of age discrimination

Employees in California are protected against unlawful discrimination. Individuals who have suffered workplace discrimination have recourse, and they don't have to face these situations alone. A former Amtrak employee in another state recently filed an age discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and has now commenced a federal lawsuit against his former employers.

Fed employees beware: No political liking, tweeting during work

The presidential election isn't until next year, but the off-year elections of just a few weeks ago and the debates featuring the broad field of candidates reminds us that politics knows no season. And those who work for the government, whether for the state of California or at the federal level, need to be particularly cautious to be sure they don't violate work rules that could lead to disciplinary action.

Holiday work doesn't give employers a holiday from OSHA laws

Now that the tricks and treats have been dealt, what many might call the true holiday season is upon us. The big consumer holidays are just around the corner; that means that seasonal work is available and appealing to many hopeful workers in California. 

CA appeals court supports broader protection for whistleblowers

We have written previously about how important it is to clearly understand the scope and limitations of the state's "at will" employment laws. A post in May attempted to clarify that while the term at-will suggests that employers can fire a worker without apparent cause, it does not throw the door open wide to arbitrary or retaliatory action.