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August 2015 Archives

EEOC focus on retailer Target spotlights hiring discrimination

Mega-retailer Target was, well, targeted by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission several years ago following what a Fortune business magazine article reports were "anecdotal reports of possible violations" in the company's hiring practices.

Gov. Brown signs bill giving more job security to grocery store employees

The grocery store industry in recent years has been characterized by increased consolidation, with large chains buying up smaller ones. All of this change in ownership has frequently been to the detriment of grocery store employees, as new ownership seeks to cut labor costs by laying off workers, often with very little warning.

Understanding the McDonald's pay increase

If you've been paying attention to the news as many California residents do, then you may have heard about the announcement made a few months ago by McDonald's Corp. As some of our San Diego readers may remember, McDonald's Corp. announced that it planned on increasing pay by "$1 an hour more than the local minimum wage for employees." The news was received with considerable praise by many across the nation, including here in California where our high standard of living typically creates problems for low-income fast-food workers.