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May 2015 Archives

A prominent realm for sexual harassment: American colleges

The bottom line espoused in a recent media article on sexual harassment is that, while information made public on sexual assault at American college and university campuses might be sufficiently forthcoming, data regarding harassment is being withheld by educational officials.

Whistleblowers often perform vital service, need protection

Toxic waste furtively discharged into rivers and streams by a chemical company. High-level executives at a financial firm siphoning off money from good-faith investors. Engineers at an automotive company quietly burying adverse information about a product alleged to promote safety. Pharmaceutical researchers intentionally misrepresenting the results of a clinical trial prior to release of a next-generation drug.

Undermining fair competition: age-based workplace discrimination

Employment law history in California and the United States is both turbulent and fascinating, being centrally marked over many decades by progressive efforts to level the playing field among workers competing for jobs and promotions.

Can an at-will employee ever be wrongfully terminated from a job?

Some people -- both employees and employers -- have an incomplete understanding of the workplace term "at will," believing that it affords employers unfettered authority to terminate a worker at any time and even for no reason.