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July 2013 Archives

The fight against workplace sexual orientation discrimination

The Supreme Court's recent decision in support of same-sex marriage has inspired lesbians and gays to increase their rights at work. In over half the states in the United States, it is possible to terminate an employee based on his or her sexual preference. However, sexual orientation discrimination persists even in states like California, which have laws prohibiting such behavior at the workplace.

3 ex-Target workers file national origin discrimination claim

Although many forward strides have been achieved, national origin discrimination is a persisting difficulty in California workplaces. In California, where individuals from a wide variety of countries interact with each other on the job, conflict continues and numerous national origin discrimination claims are filed each year. Fortunately, at this time, it appears that workers are more willing to make their voices heard and protect their rights.

California residents may notice workplace discrimination change

California residents may be aware of workplace discrimination, but may not realize there are several types or how often it occurs. Most employees appreciate a safe, comfortable work environment. A recent bill that focuses on religious discrimination is drawing attention to wall workplace discrimination nationwide.

Sexual harassment suit interests California residents?

California residents might be interested to learn about the sexual harassment suit filed in another state against a company that throws parties for children. A minor who worked for the company filed a complaint with her state's Division on Civil Rights, which recently culminated in a settlement for the employee. She had alleged she endured repeated sexual harassment by her male supervisor.

School board official accused of infringing upon employee rights

Californians in high-ranking positions must take care to be respectful to their co-workers and to the employees who work below them. For example, they must refrain from infringing upon the employee rights of their co-workers. Also, they must refrain from engaging in sexual harassment and other forms of co-worker bullying and abuse, which are prohibited in the state of California and elsewhere.

Military workplace sexual harassment case sparks movement

A former member of the U.S. Coast Guard, who left the organization shortly after boot camp, is using her story to create a national effort to end workplace sexual harassment in the armed services. She is even trying to get new legislation passed in Congress. The 26-year-old claims she was the victim of workplace sexual harassment by a Chief Petty Officer during her time with the Coast Guard. Such cases, where a commanding officer is accused of abusing his or her position to gain sexual favors, are all too common -- in California and elsewhere.