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May 2013 Archives

2 fired coaches sue soccer team for race discrimination

Generally, we're used to seeing racial discrimination cases based on prejudice against workers who are Latinos, African Americans and other racial minorities. Sometimes, however, a Caucasian can complain of discrimination at the hands of a Latino or other racial group that constitutes a majority under the particular circumstances. That's the situation in a race discrimination case just filed against a Major League soccer team, Chivas USA, in a California court.

Former CEO sues for wrongful termination and discrimination

Wrongful termination is not just a remedy for front-line employees - chief executives sometimes find a need to use the courts to receive their just due or to establish a legal principle. Recently, a former CEO of a California bank sued the bank for wrongful termination. The suit was filed in Alameda County Superior Court.

Walmart can be sued in employee rights case, state rules

A class-action lawsuit filed last November received a recent federal ruling regarding whether a company can be sued for workplace violations conducted by one of its contractors. The company at the heart of the employee rights case is none other than retail giant Walmart, which has fought hard to avoid being targeted in the lawsuit filed in California. The suit alleges that workers at three warehouses were subjected to employment violations including wage and hour matters and other related concerns.

Gay club faces sexual orientation discrimination suit

A California nightclub is facing a serious lawsuit filed by former employees. Micky's is well-known as one of the top West Hollywood gay nightclubs, but has experienced a wide range of legal troubles in the past. The current lawsuit is on behalf of nine former employees, and includes claims of racial discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination.

Race discrimination lawsuit against Wet Seal settled for $7.5M

Last summer, a lawsuit was filed against retailer Wet Seal, accusing the company of violating the rights of about 1,600 employees. The lawsuit claimed that Wet Seal executives were biased and encouraged stores to hire more managers and employees who fit the company's brand image of a white, thin, blond-haired and blue-eyed woman.

Southern California trucking firm sued for misclassifying workers

Two brothers who were hired as independent contractors by Harbor Express Inc. are now pursuing a lawsuit against the trucking company, accusing the company of violating their rights by failing to classify them as direct employees of the company.

Disabled workers awarded millions for verbal, physical harassment

As we have mentioned in previous posts on our San Diego employment law blog, employers may be accused of violating disability discrimination laws if they treat disabled workers differently from other workers because of their impairments. Employers in California may also be accused of violating disabled workers' rights if they fail to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees.

Was woman fired for using the restroom too much during pregnancy?

Treating an employee differently because he or she has a disability, is pregnant, or suffers from a serious medical condition may be in violation of disability discrimination laws or pregnancy discrimination laws.

Lawsuit: California man's disability not accommodated by employer

San Diego residents who are disabled or have impairments that affect their abilities to perform certain tasks may understand that they are not suited for doing some types of work. However, a disability or impairment does not mean that an individual cannot work.