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Do not quit your job over workplace discrimination

While experiencing workplace discrimination can be stressful and demoralizing, quitting your job should not be your first response. It could limit your options for getting justice and holding your employer accountable.

First, quitting your job will lock you out of the workplace. You may lose access to vital evidence, like work emails or testimonies from eyewitnesses, making it more challenging to prove your case.

Resigning from your job in a huff also denies your employer the chance to address your complaint. It’s always advisable to go through the internal company procedures on discrimination incidents before leaving your job. This allows your employer to address your complaints and also bolsters your case if they don’t.

Take these proactive steps

It helps to understand the law protects you from workplace discrimination and you should not feel powerless. Staying put and taking these steps can help you assert your rights.

Start by documenting every incident of discrimination. Record what happened, including dates, times, locations and people involved. Save any relevant emails, messages or other communication with your employer related to your case. Such evidence can be crucial in proving your claims.

Next, follow your company’s policies and procedures for handling discrimination complaints. Report the issue to your supervisor, human resources departments or the appropriate person within your workplace. Be clear and specific about your experience and provide relevant evidence.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with your rights and legal protections as a worker in California. For instance, your employer should not punish you for reporting workplace discrimination. In addition, you have other legal options for resolving the matter. Seeking legal guidance can help you take informed action, build your case and protect your interests as a victim of workplace discrimination.


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