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Veteran employment discrimination is forbidden by law

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Firm News

People who have served this country shouldn’t ever have to face discrimination because of their decision. There are some very significant protections that they have when it comes to employment. 

One of the more commonly used laws for veteran protection is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994. There are several things contained in this act that employers and veterans should all know.

What are some of the rights that veterans have?

Individuals who go into the military sometimes leave other jobs to do this. Employers must rehire a person who leaves for active duty training or service. They must be welcomed back with their position, pay and seniority that they’d have if they never left for the military. 

The act covers both voluntary and involuntary service. For example, a person who volunteers for funeral honors duty can do this without fear of retaliation from their employer because this is covered under the act. 

Service members must provide reasonable notice unless the needs of the military prevent this from occurring. There’s typically a five-year limit to how long an employer has to reemploy a veteran from the date they left. One exception is if the initial service period is greater than five years. For example, the Advanced Electronics Technician Corps program in the Navy required a six-year initial enlistment, so those individuals could seek reemployment after that initial term in the Navy.

It’s also illegal for employers to discriminate against veterans during the hiring process and throughout the veteran’s employment. This includes promotions, wage increases, and providing the proper work environment. 

Veterans shouldn’t ever have to deal with discrimination because they decided to serve their country. When they face employment discrimination because of their service, they can take action. Working with someone who understands these matters is crucial so they can explain everything to you. Acting swiftly is necessary because of the time limits in these cases. 


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