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4 signs of workplace retaliation after filing a harassment claim

After you file a harassment claim, your relationship with your employer may grow cold. Your employer may even take some adverse actions against you for filing a harassment claim. Fortunately, there are laws in place that protect employees from retaliation. This means that your employer cannot punish you for reporting a harassment claim or even participating in a workplace investigation. 

Here are some signs of workplace retaliation you should know:

1. You’re denied promotion opportunities

Employees work hard to advance their careers, but there are only so many promotions. You may work tirelessly to get that promotion or even get a raise. However, despite your efforts and outstanding performance, you may be passed over for promotion or a pay raise. Unfortunately, your employer may retaliate against you by denying you that promotion you deserve. 

2. You receive more negative performance reviews 

If you work in a place where the employer gives regular performance reviews, excessive negative reviews may be a retaliatory sign, especially if they don’t offer any constructive feedback. 

3. You suddenly have reduced working hours

Another sign that your employer is retaliating against you is if they cut the number of working hours. This may translate into reduced pay if you’re paid by the hour. It might be a clear sign your employer is retaliating if no one in your department had to take a cut in their working hours.

4. You’re suddenly no longer a valued employee

Your employer most likely knows that retaliation is illegal and may not fire you immediately after you file the harassment claim. Instead, they may be subtle in their actions and then finally fire you. For instance, they may give you negative job performance reviews and then use those to fire you. 

Retaliation takes many forms

If you notice any of the above signs, you should take action as soon as possible. In case your job has an internal dispute resolution procedure, this may be the first place to turn. However, you may have to explore other options if the retaliation persists. 


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