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Employers should make reasonable accommodations

When you suffer a disability during your employment, your employer is not supposed to dismiss you because of your inability to work. They are supposed to reasonably accommodate your disability so that you can continue discharging your duties.

If they let you go because of your disability, it is a violation of your rights. The Americans with Disability Act outlaws such actions, and your employer could face legal ramifications. 

What constitutes reasonable accommodation?

Reasonable accommodation may include anything your employer does or should do to accommodate your disability. It includes things like making your workplace accessible, even if it means modifying or installing some facilities, restructuring your job or working shift. Acquiring equipment like magnifiers or screen readers to make it less inconvenient for you to discharge your duties can also be a form of accommodation.

Generally, the kind of accommodation your employer should provide you depends on your disability.

Do you have a disabling condition?

If you have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits you from performing your duties at the workplace, you can ask your employer for reasonable accommodation. It is advisable to make such a request in writing so that you can have proof in case your employer declines to accommodate your disability.

The request should detail your disability and the kind of accommodation you seek from your employer. An employer can only be excused from providing reasonable accommodation if it will cause them undue hardship either by being too expensive or if it will cause major disruption to the business.

Protecting your legal rights

The problem is that many employees do not know they are protected from any form of discrimination, and they end up paying the price. If your employer is reluctant to provide you with reasonable accommodation, you need to be aware of the steps to take towards safeguarding your rights.


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