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3 important points to know about paydays in California

California laws set some very specific requirements for how employees are paid. These cover everything from how long after the final day of a pay period the employer can wait to pay the employee to when a former employee must receive their final check.

It’s imperative that workers understand these three points about how wages and paychecks must be handled in this state.

#1: Twice a month pay minimum

Most employees are required to be paid at least twice per month. All paydays must be designated in advance. Work done from the 1st to the 15th must be paid by the 26th of the month. Work done from the 16th until the end of the month must be paid by the 10th of the following month. Employers can also choose to pay on other days, such as weekly, biweekly or semimonthly. All wages must be paid within seven days after the last day of a pay period for all schedules except the standard 1st to 15th and 16th to the end of the month periods.

#2: Farm contract labor pay

Workers who are contract employees in the farming industry must be paid weekly on the same day of the week. The pay must include all days from the previous pay period through the fourth day before the payday.

#3: Final paychecks

Final paychecks must be paid immediately if the worker is terminated or at the end of their last shift if they gave at least a 72-hour notice. If they didn’t give at least a 72-hour notice, the worker must be paid within 72 hours of the final shift.

Individuals who are employed in California have specific rights when it comes to their paychecks. It’s imperative that they understand what the laws say about their pay. Any worker who realizes they haven’t been paid in accordance with the law should explore their legal options so they can determine how they should handle the situation. Because the laws are so complex, it may benefit them to work with someone familiar with the situation.


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