Do you have to give 2 weeks’ notice to quit a job?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Employee Rights

You know you want to quit your job. You go to your boss and you tell them that you’re done. You don’t want to work at the company anymore. You try to be kind about it, but you just explain that you’re moving on to something else. Maybe that’s a new job, going back to school or starting a business.

Your boss tells you that they’re happy that you’re chasing your own goals, but that you can’t quit for two weeks. They insist that it’s company policy for all employees to give two weeks’ notice before they leave, and they tell you that you are obligated to do so, as well.

However, you don’t want to provide that notice. You’re trying to let them know that this is going to be your last day. Do you have to spend two more weeks working at a business that you don’t want to work at anymore?

If you’re an at-will employee, notice is not required

The majority of workers are at-will employees, and these laws do not require any notice at all when you want to quit. You don’t even have to wait until the end of the day. You can just inform your boss that you’re done and walk out the door. It’s that simple.

This is true even if the company has a policy saying that employees should give two weeks’ notice. If you didn’t sign the contract stating that you would do so, then you don’t have to. The only way that you give up these rights is if you have contractually agreed to something else, a tactic that is generally only used with high-level employees.

If you run into a dispute with your employer or a former employer, then you need to make sure you know about your legal options, along with your rights as an employee.


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