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Men can suffer from sexual harassment

When people think of sexual harassment, they may think of females being the victims. While it’s true that females are often subjected to this type of behavior, it’s fully possible that males will also face sexual harassment

In some cases, men don’t feel as though they can come forward when they’re sexually harassed. They may feel embarrassed or ashamed. Some might be concerned that their sexual orientation may play a role in how a complaint of sexual harassment is perceived. 

Long-lasting mental health impacts

While men are often considered stronger than women, being sexually harassed still impacts many male victims. Men who are subjected to this type of behavior often suffer from mental health issues. This can include low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. It might lead some to abuse alcohol and other substances. 

Men may need to seek mental health help after being sexually harassed. Getting counseling may help to reduce the chance of issues they may have with school or work. It’s a chance for them to review what happened and come to terms with it. A licensed counselor can come up with a plan to help men work through the emotional impacts of the harassment, but this might take time. 

Regardless of your gender, you shouldn’t ever have to deal with sexual harassment at work. Anyone who’s subjected to that type of reprehensible behavior should ensure that they exercise their right to make it stop. There’s a chance that legal action might be necessary, so work closely with someone who’s familiar with this area of law to determine your steps. 


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