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How can employers protect you from cyberbullying? 

When considering workplace bullying and harassment, it would be understandable to think about verbal threats and intimidation, name-calling, hostile working environments and many other factors. However, many employees have very few face-to-face interactions in the workplace. 

Importantly, this does not mean that remote workers cannot be victims of workplace bullying or harassment. With the rise of modern technology, cyberbullying has become a more pressing issue. Co-workers, employers or clients are able to potentially bully individuals through the use of electronic communication, emails, texts as well as other popular messaging platforms. As a result, it is worth considering what measures can be taken to try and prevent cyberbullying. 

Employee concerns over cyberbullying should be taken seriously

Sometimes, incidents that happen online are treated in a laxer manner. However, cyberbullying can have significant consequences for victims. As a result, employers should take cyberbullying claims seriously and not simply dismiss them. 

Reporting cyberbullying should be easy

It is highly likely that your employer has rigid procedures for reporting racial harassment, sexual harassment, and other forms of maltreatment. Given the seriousness of the issue, there is no reason why employers shouldn’t also adopt a thorough complaints procedure for victims of cyberbullying. 

Companies could take an anti-cyberbullying stance

Employers could help to combat cyberbullying by implementing policies that take a clear stance against it. A working environment that has a zero-tolerance stance on cyberbullying could be more productive for everyone involved. 

Your employer has a duty to protect you from workplace bullying in any form. If you have been subjected to bullying or harassment, it is important to realize that there are legal options open to you. 


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