3 labor laws everybody should know in California

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Employment Law

Many people are familiar with the more common labor laws in California, but there are some that aren’t very widely known. For employees, knowledge is power. Be sure that you review these components of the California Labor Code. 

While some of these might not seem important to some, they’re very important for others. Remember, any violation of these might be the basis for legal action. 

The right to share wage information

Some employers don’t like it when employees discuss their pay. Labor Code Section 232 covers this. It specifically states that employers can’t stop employees from discussing their wages. This might help employees to determine if there are any discriminatory practices going on with pay. 

The right to decline direct deposit payments

Direct deposit is a common method of pay; however, employers in California can’t require employees to use direct deposit. Labor Code Section 213(d) specifically states that payment via direct deposit is only possible if the employee voluntarily agrees. 

The right of protection from bad checks

Employees who’re paid by check shouldn’t ever have to deal with a bounced check from their employer. If an employer’s paycheck bounces, Labor Code Section 203.1 imposes a penalty for the employer if a paycheck bounces. The penalty accrues daily for a maximum of 30 days. The penalty might be excused if the employer can show that the bounced check was unintentional.

Employees who think their employer isn’t following the state labor laws should determine what’s going on. If the law is being broken, the employee might have grounds for legal action. There are time limits for these cases, so be sure you act quickly if you think you have a case.  


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