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Senate Bill 93 means you might get your job back

If you are one of the many Californians who lost their job during the last year, there may be some good news. The California governor recently signed Senate Bill 93. It gives formers employees priority when an employer is recruiting.

Senate Bill 93 does not apply to anyone ever laid off. It only applies if you lost your job due to the current health situation. If your employer fired you for disciplinary reasons, the law would not cover you. It only applies if you worked in specific industries. You must have worked for the employer for at least six of the twelve months before January 2020.

Which industries does Senate Bill 93 cover?

The state introduced the law to help those in some of the hardest-hit industries. It applies to:

  • Airport staff and related staff: It covers those who worked in airport operations or cleaned or maintained planes. It covers those who provided food and drinks for airlines or worked in airport stores or restaurants.
  • Building services staff: This means people such as janitors, security guards and maintenance staff.
  • Event center staff: It only covers venues that seat 1,000 plus or are 50,000 square feet in size. It applies to those the venue employed and those who worked for businesses in the venue.
  • Hotel staff: The hotel must have at least 50 guest rooms.

If a post becomes available, the employer must inform you and allow you five days to reply. If various ex-colleagues reply, it will be based on seniority.

If you feel your employee should have rehired you but has not, seek legal help to review your situation. Employers must comply with the law.


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