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Can your boss treat you aggressively? 

You know that your boss doesn’t like you. They always treat you aggressively, often making you feel like you wish you hadn’t come to work. You wish they’d treat you like an adult, but they never do.

Is this something you just have to deal with? Are they allowed to treat you this way?

How far does their aggression go?

The big question here is just how far it goes. Your boss has no obligation to like you, and they don’t have to be nice to you. They may just be an aggressive person. You can deal with it, learn some coping techniques, or start looking for a new job. Many people do not like the people they work for, but they have no choice. 

When it goes too far, though, you may have legal options. For instance, maybe your boss is nice to all of the white workers but is aggressive toward you, one of the few African American or Asian workers. Is the real reason that they treat you differently because they’re discriminating against you? 

Or, perhaps your boss’s aggression turns into insults and comments you can’t believe someone else would make, even of a sexual nature. Have they now crossed a line from just being aggressive to sexually harassing you on the job? Remember that sexual harassment does not have to be physical. It could certainly be verbal. 

What next steps should you take?

If things do get to this point and you know it’s time to take action over workplace harassment or discrimination, be sure to look into the steps you can take as you move forward. You do not deserve poor treatment that breaks employment laws



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