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Facing disciplinary action? You can have legal representation

If you are facing discipline at work as a federal, state or government employee, then you may be aware that there are specific, formal procedures that should be followed. These procedures are in place to help protect you and make sure that you receive fair treatment.

The law requires due process to be provided before any local government or state employee can be fired from a position. It also requires due process before a permanent position can be terminated. Some other times when it must be offered include:

  • If the employee has a vested property interest in the job
  • If the employee faces a demotion
  • If the employee may receive a cut in pay
  • If the employee could be suspended

What happens if you’re suspended or terminated from your role in the local government?

If you do lose your role or are suspended, you should know that you have the right to an evidentiary hearing. That hearing may take place:

  • Before a civil service commission
  • With a Board of Trustees
  • In the court system
  • With the State Professional Board
  • With an independent arbitrator

If you decide that you would like to go through the evidentiary hearing, then it’s important to have legal representation. Legal representation is needed so that you can make your own case and protect yourself as you discuss the suspension or termination of your role.

Our website has more information what you can do if you have lost your job or are being disciplined. You have the right to legal representation and may want to learn more about your legal rights before any hearings take place.


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