California employment disputes: Use the law to support your case

In the past, workers who felt mistreated had little recourse to better their situations. They either had to live with the mistreatment to continue getting paid or they had to risk unemployment by quitting their jobs.

It is safe to say that workers in the 21st century are better off than they were in the past. Still, employment disputes continue to occur, and they can put your income in jeopardy. Fortunately, California employment laws protect workers when disputes like the ones below arise.

  • Wage and hour violations: When employers fail to pay workers under the law
  • Wrongful termination: When employers terminate employees illegally such as firing someone because of his or her age or religion
  • Workplace discrimination: When employers or coworkers discriminate against employees because of their status (age, race, gender, etc.)
  • Sexual harassment: When employers engage in or fail to address sexual harassment (undesired advances, graphic language, demanding sexual favors, etc.)

In our years of service, we have seen how these employment law violations affect the state’s workforce. Most employees do not realize how California law can protect them and they may hesitate to act because they need their jobs. We want you to know that the laws discussed below can help you resolve employment disputes, especially with guidance from a lawyer.

California Fair Employment and Housing Act: Under this Act, employers may not fire, refuse to hire or discriminate against workers because of their protected status (race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)

Family and Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act: Under this Act, employers must grant leave to eligible workers for reasons related to the birth, care or adoption of children, seriously ill family members and the worker’s health.

Ralph Civil Rights Act: This Act protects all state residents against hate crimes. If these crimes occur in the workplace, victims can file a complaint under the Fair Employment and Housing Act or initiate a private lawsuit.

Instead of quitting your job and having to find work elsewhere, consider taking your case to an attorney experienced in handling employment disputes. This can protect your current employment and it can help put a stop to mistreatment for other workers. Continue reviewing our website if you want to learn more.


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