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Lawyer approved tips for dealing with workplace discrimination

In California and all other states, employees are protected on the federal level from discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, such discrimination can and does continue to occur. Most workers feel that they have no recourse but to put up with workplace discrimination or find a new job.

Sometimes, it is easier to find employment elsewhere, but that does not address the problem in a way that deters workplace discrimination. In other words, even though you may have escaped your situation with a new job, others in your previous employment may still suffer. Even worse, you could find yourself facing the same discriminatory behaviors in your new position.

What can you do to protect yourself from discrimination and deter your employers from victimizing others at the same time? Following the steps below is a good way to combat workplace discrimination in a manner that benefits the entire California workforce.

  • Report the discrimination to your employer, even if he or she is the one engaging in these behaviors
  • Reinforce to your employer that you feel the situation needs a remedy
  • Request that your employer make a formal report every time you experience discrimination
  • Carefully review your employer’s anti-discrimination policies as well as the state’s laws against discrimination
  • Keep detailed records documenting workplace discrimination
  • If the behaviors persist, speak with an employment law attorney about your situation and/or contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

In some cases, taking these steps puts a stop to the behaviors and in others, it does not. However, you will have laid a solid foundation upon which to build a workplace discrimination claim. Going forward, you and your attorney can address these behaviors in a legal setting to find a solution for you and other workers in the state.


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