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Burger chain faces lawsuit alleging gender discrimination

Many people throughout the country, including in California, may think that certain types of discrimination in the workplace are a thing of the past. Gender discrimination, for instance, may be one such example. However, all too often we are reminded that this type of discrimination can still occur.

According to a recent report, a California-based restaurant chain called "Burgers & Beers" is facing a lawsuit which allegations gender discrimination in the workplace. The lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and specifically alleges that male employees and applicants for employment faced discrimination which favored female employees instead.

Although this burger chain is a small operation - consisting of just six locations, according to the report - it appears that the discriminatory practices in the workplace were widespread enough to attract the attention of the EEOC. This may serve as a reminder that if such discrimination can occur in a smaller-sized work environment, the issue may be even more widespread with larger employers, of which California has no shortage.

Only time will tell what will happen with the lawsuit against Burgers & Beers, but the report goes to show that employees and potential employees in California can still be subjected to discrimination in the workplace - including gender discrimination - no matter how far we think we have come as a society. Anyone who believes that they have been subjected to discrimination of any kind may want to review their potential legal options. A lawsuit may hold the employer accountable for illegal employment practices, such as discrimination.