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Woman files lawsuit claiming sexual harassment at Uber

An increasing number of people in California and across the nation are feeling emboldened in pursuing compensation after facing sexual harassment on the job. Because this problem is so prevalent and more people are speaking up about it, the behavior is no longer being tolerated as part of the workplace, with nothing that can be done about it. This issue is occurring in a variety of industries. Newer companies with a more relaxed culture seem to be prone to having people accused of these behaviors. Those who have been mistreated and sexually harassed must remember their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

According to a recent report, a woman who worked for the ride-sharing company Uber has filed a lawsuit in California claiming that she was sexually harassed, racially discriminated against and did not receive equal pay as an employee. She was an employee at the company for more than three years until June of 2017. This comes after the company stated it would no longer have forced arbitration for people who have been sexually assaulted and harassed.

The woman says that the company did not act sufficiently when she said she was being harassed. One engineer made negative comments about women. Nothing was done when human resources was told. The same person also made allegations against the plaintiff, saying she had exchanged sex for her job. After she complained, the man was dismissed. Despite that, the woman says that there was blowback for the man being fired, as she faced isolation and was ignored by those who had worked with him. In addition, she says a software engineer made inappropriate contact with her and that she saw sexually explicit material and heard comments at the workplace. She had previously been part of a lawsuit that alleged wage discrimination at Uber.

In today’s world, people are becoming more vigilant about mistreatment at work. This can include sexual harassment, wage issues, wrongful dismissal and much more. Companies that allow this type of behavior to continue and do little or nothing to stop it should be held accountable. A victim of harassment must remember that there are alternatives to receive justice. Calling a law firm that is familiar with workplace issues, including sexual harassment, can help with taking the necessary steps to file a case.


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