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What are the issues covered in employment contracts?

Although not every San Diego employee is going to be offered an employment contract when making his or her next career move, many professionals with a specialized line of work and many executives would ordinarily expect to get a contract when taking a job offer.

There are several topics which employees should expect to see when reviewing a contract. The most important of these issues are how much the employee will get paid and what his or her responsibilities will be.

With respect to the question of compensation, it is important for the employee to understand what the contract says with respect to periodic raises, or cuts, in base pay.

The employee may also want to understand the exact nature of any bonuses that will be offered, specifically with respect to whether the bonuses are purely at the discretion of the company or are promised so long as the employee performs to certain standards.

It will also be important for the employee to understand the exact nature of his or her benefits package, as things like expense reimbursements, retirement plans and the like can be just as valuable if not more valuable than one’s salary.

With respect to what services the employee is getting paid for, it is important for the contract to be specific as to what the employee is expected to do for the company on a day-to-day basis and what standards the employee must meet when doing so.

In addition to being specific about what the employee will do and for how much pay, a good employment contract will cover other important, and often overlooked details, in the relationship between the employee and the company. Some of these other topics include what will happen if the company wants to fire the employee, what employment-related information is confidential and other issues.


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