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Representing victims of pregnancy discrimination

A previous post on this blog discussed the rights pregnant women have at the workplace. Unfortunately, despite the fact that employers really should no better, many companies in San Diego and throughout California still choose to put profit over doing the right thing and therefore may be reluctant to give pregnant women the rights they have under federal law and the laws of California. In really bad cases, they may even fire or other mistreat a pregnant employee.

When this happens, the woman may not know where to turn or what to do, particularly since getting ready for and then having a child is stressful on many levels. Our law office is a good place for such people to turn in their time of need, particularly when it is a matter of protecting one's livelihood.

We have represented clients in all kinds of discrimination cases. With respect to the issue of pregnancy, we handle sex discrimination cases, and we also handle cases that involve a person needing or potentially needing some extend time off, time off to which they are entitled by law. Although we cannot promise that every client will see her goals achieved, we have represented over 4,000 people in discrimination cases and have been in the business of representing employees for 25 years, since 1992.

We stand ready to provide advice and help and, if necessary, competent and assertive advocacy to our clients when they have been treated poorly by their employers because of their pregnancy. We offer initial consultations at no cost, and we are able to at least point our clients in the right direction. In addition to helping people who have actually been fired, we can also assist following an unfair performance review a reassignment or even a denial of leave time.

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