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Protecting an employee’s right to do the right thing

California and the federal government have all kinds of laws telling companies in San Diego and throughout the state what they can and cannot do. These laws are usually there to protect the public, individual employees and other people who either count on that company or, at least, expect a certain standard of behavior.

These laws, however, do little to no good in stopping businesses from committing abuses if no one is willing to come forward and report violations. Usually, the best people to report a company’s legal violations are the company’s own employees. However, they face a difficult decision to do so, since a report could spell the end of their career.

In California, however, employees are protected from all forms of retaliation should they choose, in good faith, to report their employer’s violation of the law to the proper authorities. At our law firm, we take pride in representing employee “whistleblowers” who took a risk to do the right thing and wound up getting punished at work or even fired as a result.

We work to ensure that these employees get the justice they deserve and the compensation that they need after a sudden, and unjustified, job loss. When we do so, we recognize we are doing more than just protecting one employee’s legal rights; we are also protecting a system in which a company can be punished for violating the law simply by intimidating its employees into silence about the business’s wrongdoing.

While we cannot promise results in every case, we do encourage anyone who suspects that they have been discriminated against simply for insisting their employer follow the law to explore the information we have on our “whistleblowing” web page.


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