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Overview of employment contract disputes

Many employees in the San Diego area may be under a contract which they signed directly with their employer, that is, not as part of a collective bargaining agreement through a union. These contracts, if reasonably well drafted, should spell out all of the important terms of employment, such as how much a person will get paid, by when and for what work.

Sometimes, employment disputes emerge because of the terms of the contract. For example, an employee may feel that he or she was terminated in violation of the terms of the contract. Sometimes, termination is not at issue, but the employee and employer may disagree about what the contract requires in terms of compensation. Employers, on the other hand, may allege a former employee broke a confidentiality agreement or an agreement not to work for a competitor.

Like any other contract, an employment contract under dispute may wind up in court if either the employer or the employee file a lawsuit alleging a breach of contract. A breach of contract case is basically a case in which someone claims that another party broke a binding agreement and, because of that broken promise, the person filing the case suffered a financial loss.

By way of example, someone who feels like he or she is not getting properly paid under the terms of the contract can file suit and ask for the balance of what he or she is owed back. There are, however, in fact many possible remedies a court might use to correct a breach of contract or compensate an injured party. Breaches of contract lawsuit and possible remedies for employment matters may be good topics of discussion with a qualified California employment law attorney.


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