Restaurateur files lawsuit for breach of contract

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Employment Disputes

To succeed in business, or any endeavor for that matter, an individual has to be smart and surround themselves with others who can help them reach the end goal. In the business context, working with others can be especially tricky, and not just because personalities and work styles may clash. For example, business partners and employees can act in certain ways that cause serious damage to a business, costing the business money. When a business relationship sours, it may be time to consider one’s legal options, which can be reshaped by any sort of employment contract that may be in place.

To see an example of an employment dispute, one need look no further than a lawsuit involving a successful restaurateur in California. The lawsuit arose after David Fansler, a successful restaurant owner, accused his former partner of stealing trade secrets, including recipes, to start his own business. In addition, Fansler accuses his former partner of drinking on the job and engaging in inappropriate sexual relationships with employees. As a basis for his legal action, Fansler claims his former partner breached their contract, breached a duty of loyalty, and breached a fiduciary duty.

The former partner has not responded publicly. However, his attorney has denied the allegations, stating that any information obtained from the business was done so legally while the former partner was still employed.

Regardless of which side of an employment dispute an individual finds themselves, it is critical to have a strong legal advocate by one’s side. Failing to either defend against or aggressively pursue such a claim can lead to unintended consequences, which can have an effect for years to come. Therefore, those who have seen a business or employment relationship sour may want to consider speaking with an experienced employment law professional to determine how best to proceed.


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