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Employee rights violated? Consider turning to an attorney

Many Californians go to work every day just happy that they have a job. For many of these individuals, job security is everything, and rocking the boat in anyway is something they actively avoid. Yet, it is situations like these that allow employers to devoid workers of their employee rights. Workers may be denied breaks, proper accommodations, and fair treatment. When this happens, workers need to be sure to stand up for their rights. As scary as it can be, depending on the circumstances, the law may be on their side, providing them with an outlet and a remedy.

Of course, speaking out against your employer can lead to negative consequences. You may be passed over for promotion, denied hours, demoted, or even fired for speaking up. Such retaliation is illegal, though, so you shouldn’t be afraid to blow the whistle on workplace wrongdoing. If you are subjected to retaliation, then you can file a lawsuit against your employer. As a remedy you can seek reinstatement or compensation for your damages. This can take a lot of legal maneuvering and strong legal arguments, however, which is why many Californians turn to skilled employment law attorneys for help.

San Diego Employment Attorneys Group has represented more than 4,000 wronged workers, fighting to ensure that they are treated appropriately under the law. Our attorneys know how employers will try to defend against employment lawsuits, which means they know how to gather evidence and craft compelling legal strategies that aim to thwart the defenses’ attempts to shift the blame or deny the actions in question.

We understand that it can be scary to go up against your employer, but it is critically important not just for you, but also for your co-workers. By taking legal action, you can send your employer the message that violation of employee rights will not be tolerated, and that they should pay for the harm they have caused. At San Diego Employment Attorneys Group, we strive to help individuals like you fight for what is right.


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