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Securing workers’ rights after wrongful termination

In the wake of recent political talk, keeping one’s job is more important than ever for many residents of Southern California. Unfortunately, employers may not always follow the law and workers’ rights may be violated. If a worker is let go for reasons they suspect are against the law, it may be time to contact a wrongful termination attorney.

Contrary to popular belief, wrongful termination encompasses much more than just a person being fired due to their race or gender. In today’s world, there are many unlawful ways in which an employer can terminate a worker. An experienced employment law attorney can help a worker understand his or her rights and determine if that worker was let go unlawfully.

Speaking with an attorney soon after being let go can be beneficial in numerous ways. There may be important time limits to filing suit. In addition, a worker who has been let go can feel assured knowing they have rights and those rights can be asserted by a competent legal professional. Consulting with an attorney soon after being terminated can also make it easier to gather the information needed to review all of the facts of the case.

Employment law, including issues such as termination at will and employment contracts, may be complicated, but that doesn’t mean each workers’ case has to be. Trying to go it alone may not be the best idea for someone who has recently been terminated and suspects illegal activity on the part of their employer. The right legal advice from attorneys, such as those at San Diego Employment Attorneys Group, can take a case in a new and favorable direction for their hardworking clients.


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