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Experienced, compassionate help for sexual harassment victims

Discussing sexual harassment can be an understandably difficult topic for many people, especially victims of the illegal practice. Often, victims of workplace sexual harassment are afraid to come forward for myriad reasons. They may fear retaliation from the harasser or from their boss, they might not want to talk about the details of their harassment or they may not even realize the extent of their legal rights in California. In any event, it is beneficial for such victims to have experienced, compassionate legal help.

Sexual harassment is a serious problem in today’s workplace. In an area as diverse as San Diego, it’s critical for employers to create and maintain inclusive, safe workplaces where employees can focus on the task at hand. Not all employers meet this goal, though, and as a result various types of harassment may occur on the job. Sexual harassment can be particularly damaging due to the intimate nature of the topic and the mental and emotional harm done to victims.

A victim of harassment has important rights before the law, however. It’s important for victims to know the full extent of their rights in order to put a stop to either harassment or unlawful retaliation against harassment victims. At San Diego Employment Attorneys Group Attorneys at Law, victims of workplace harassment can get to know their key rights in a comfortable, compassionate setting.

Whether a person has suffered from a hostile work environment or even lost their job due to being harassed or reporting harassment, they can pursue legal help. The employment law attorneys at San Diego Employment Attorneys Group Attorneys at Law are ready to assertively fight for their client’s rights. Combined, the firm’s lawyers boast over 100 years of experience. Just as important, the attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of sexual harassment cases will work aggressively to hold employers accountable to the law.

If a San Diego area resident believes they may be a victim of harassment, it might be time to talk to an attorney. After sharing the facts of their experience with an attorney, victims can find peace of mind knowing their case is in experienced, capable hands.


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