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Woman sues famous restaurant for employment discrimination

In California, many forms of employment discrimination are against the law. For example, the law prohibits discrimination because of a person’s age, national origin, race, religion or gender. This applies when a person already has a job and is confronted with workplace discrimination or is mistreated when seeking employment. Those who are subjected to discrimination need to be aware that any violation of their employee rights could be the basis for a legal filing. This is not relegated to certain jobs; it can occur in any workplace, including well-known businesses.

A woman who sought employment at the famous restaurant French Laundry, to work for chef Thomas Keller, recently filed a lawsuit for sex discrimination. She alleges that she was denied employment due to her pregnancy. She is seeking $5 million. The woman worked for five years in Mr. Keller’s New York restaurant and rose to wait staff captain. She was subsequently offered a job at Keller’s French Laundry restaurant. The company had approved the transfer from New York to California.

The woman and her husband looked for places to live in California and planned for the move. After she discovered she was pregnant and told the company, she was asked what she was going to do about maternity leave. She says that the company then retaliated against her and told her that the job was no longer open. She informed the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and has also alleged deceit and fraud as part of her legal filing.

People who are employed or are seeking employment might not even be aware they are being discriminated against or did not get the job for a reason that falls into the category of discrimination. If this is suspected or there is evidence of it, it could be the foundation for a legal filing.

In this case, the woman claims to have been specifically discriminated against because of her pregnancy. Considering that she was preparing to move across the country for the job and this led to financial and personal hardship when she was told the job was not available any longer, she sought to be compensated in a lawsuit. Those who have experienced similar treatment need to understand that they too might have a case. An employment attorney can help in pursuing compensation.

Source: The Press Democrat, “The French Laundry, Thomas Keller slapped with $5 million discrimination suit,” Paul Payne, Nov. 1, 2016


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