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Woman alleges wrongful termination after being treated for cancer

Employees in California who lose their jobs need to understand whether the termination was based on legal grounds. In other words, there are protections accorded to employees based on state employment law. If employers have violated the law in any way, it could be the foundation of a legal filing to get compensation. Making certain to protect one’s rights is the key when an employee’s contract is terminated for reasons that are not in line with the law. This can happen in any kind of job whether it is high or low profile.

Recently, a woman who was dismissed from her job in development and casting at E! News claimed that the reason for her dismissal was a diminished performance after she was being treated for breast cancer. She has filed a lawsuit based on being discriminated against, facing retaliation, breach of contract, and wrongful termination. According to the woman, she joined the company in 2009 and rose to the level of senior vice president of talent development and casting at the time of her dismissal in February 2016. She had relationships with several famous pop stars and says that the company took advantage of that for its own benefit.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and received multi-level treatment including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. She recovered but suffered a setback that included noticeable arm swelling. She says that she continued to do her job even with the negative comments she received because of her appearance. The woman claims that her dismissal was based on how she looked and her replacement was younger, healthier and less experienced. The company did not comment.

There are a number of ways in which an employee can be dismissed from his or her job in an illegal manner. Being ill is difficult enough without having to think about the possibility of losing one’s job along with it. If an employer violates the law when terminating an employee, an experienced lawyer can help the employee pursue a lawsuit.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, “Casting Exec Sues E! for Wrongful Termination Following Breast Cancer Treatment,” Ashley Cullins, Oct. 27, 2016


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