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What are work search requirements for unemployment compensation?

People in California who lose their jobs and believe they are entitled to unemployment benefits must be fully aware of the various rules that dictate both receiving and retaining those benefits. In some instances, there might be a misunderstanding of what the recipient is required to do to get the benefits. In others, there could be a disagreement with employers over a multitude of issues that are linked to unemployment compensation. Regardless, there are work search requirements that a person who is receiving benefits must follow.

To receive benefits, unemployed person must make a “reasonable effort” to seek suitable employment. The person is advised by the Employment Development Department (EDD) to retain records regarding the search. Work can be found through prior employers, web searches, want-ads, friends and acquaintances, sending resumes to prospective employers and being proactive in seeking a job.

People who are seeking to receive or are already receiving unemployment must do one of the following depending upon their personal circumstances: seek full-time work every week; seek part-time work every week; register with a union and look for full-time work each week; register with a union and look for part-time work every week; register with a union and meet all requirements and dispatch contacts the union has mandated; and be capable of working and available for work every week. Even if a person finds part-time work, it is still necessary to look for full-time work while collecting unemployment.

Unemployment compensation is in place for people who have lost their jobs to be able to make ends meet as they seek new employment. However, it is not unusual for there to be employment-related disputes over unemployment or some other issue former employees are confronted with when they are receiving or have been denied benefits. A lawyer can provide assistance with the rules, appeals, and disagreements with former employers regarding unemployment.

Source: edd.ca.gov, “Unemployment Insurance — A Guide To Benefits And Employment Services — 8. Work Search Requirements, pages 10-11,” accessed on Oct. 24, 2016


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