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Sexual harassment alleged at McDonald’s across U.S.

Workers in any type of job in San Diego, and throughout the nation, who are confronted with unwanted sexual advances, sexually explicit materials in the workplace or any other behaviors that can fall into the category of sexual harassment, might not know what to do to stop it. In some instances, harassment at work can lead to job loss when the employee resists the advances. It can also result in the worker choosing to leave the job on his or her own. What employee should realize is that sexual harassment is against the law and it can be the foundation for a legal filing against an employer.

Fifteen employees at McDonald’s franchises across the U.S. are taking part in a legal filing alleging sexual harassment at work. The union that represents the workers, which had been behind the attempt to raise wages for workers at the fast food restaurant, moved forward with a complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the company itself and eight franchises in particular. A woman in Michigan stated that a manager showed her explicit images of himself and made suggestive comments. A California worker said that a supervisor offered her money for sex.

Of the 15 complaints, 13 were made by females, the other two by males. The union says that the company is responsible for standards it sets and therefore bears responsibility for the sexual harassment. The company did not comment on the allegations. Although the claims were filed for workers at restaurants that the company itself does not own, the claim says that the company is in control of the working conditions and is therefore liable for these acts.

Employees who are dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace must be aware that they have rights and do not have to simply accept it. The financial factors and the job market might lead a person to quietly take the treatment and not protest at all. However, a sexual harassment claim can lead to the behavior stopping, as well as garnering compensation for the employee that suffered harassment. A lawyer can assist employees with moving forward with a claim.

Source: CNBC, “McDonald’s, franchisees hit with sexual harassment complaints,” Oct. 5, 2016


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