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Legal help with defamation from employers in California

When California employees are having problems at a job, the issues that result from it can go beyond simply being dismissed or leaving as a matter of choice. There is the possibility that negative statements can be made by the employers and harm the person’s chances of getting a similar or better job. It can even hurt them in getting any job at all. If the victim suspects that this is going, that person should be aware that he or she has options of counteracting it.

Defamation is something that people need to be aware of whether they are still working at the same job or are leaving and looking for other work. If an employee believes that defamation is, or has taken place over employment disputes, it could be the basis for a legal filing. It does not matter whether the employee has a white or blue collar job, a job in which a person is accorded substantial responsibility, or is simply a low-level employee.

There can be a variety of ways to recognize when defamation is or has taken place. There might be a written warning that is improper in its tone and context. A negative performance evaluation for no reason could also be evidence. Likewise, an employee may learn from their co-workers about the defamation. All of these factors can lead to profound negativity, the loss of employment and a problem getting another job.

At Grady & Associate, we help people in the San Diego area who are victims of defamation in the workplace. Those who believe that defamation is taking place need to make sure to deal with it as soon as possible. Speaking to an attorney who has experience in employment-related disputes can help in investigating the claims and moving forward with a legal filing to put a stop to it and also to be compensated. Our firm’s website has more information about defamation cases and how we approach them.


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