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Large pharmaceutical CEO accused of sexual harassment

California employees who deal with sexual harassment can see the situation spiral beyond the simple act of a superior or coworker making unwanted sexual advances. In certain instances, the harassment at work results in sexual acts between the parties whether the alleged victim wanted them or not. These circumstances can lead to greater problems such as children being born and the work atmosphere becoming toxic. Those who have become embroiled in such a situation should know that they still have a right to explore the possibility of taking legal action if they have been a victim of harassment.

An employee working for a major pharmaceutical company has accused the chief executive officer — an heir to the company — of demanding sex from her. She has filed a lawsuit alleging that he forced her to embark on a relationship with him and that relationship resulted in two children. In the filing, she claims that he sexually harassed her, retaliated against her and she was wrongfully terminated. The man tacitly admitted that the second child was his when he saw him. In the lawsuit, the woman claims that she finally found the ability to rebuff his unwanted sexual advances and was subsequently fired.

Sexual harassment can occur in a multitude of ways and many might not realize that they are being victimized when it is happening. For example, the simple act of overhearing a fellow employee being harassed is a form of sexual harassment. Seeing offensive material, being the subject of jokes and unwanted comments all fall into the category. It can also lead to a sexual relationship because the victim does not believe her or she has a choice. If there is a belief that sexual harassment is happening, having legal help is one of the most important factors to determine whether or not there is the foundation for a legal filing.

In this case, an heir and CEO to a large company is accused of coercing an employee into a sexual relationship. That relationship led to two children and when she put a stop to it, she says she was fired. With the allegations in this case, the woman is seeking compensation. Those who are facing similar issues should discuss their case with an attorney who can assess the situation to determine how to move forward.

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