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Legal help for private sector employment disputes

In California, every worker is accorded certain rights and protections. Some employees who are working in the public sector may have a better grasp of their rights regarding workplace issues, such as breach of contract. For private sector employees, issues such as contract disputes along with other workplace issues can be complicated and lead to confusion leaving workers unsure of what to do if they are affected. Having legal assistance that is specifically dedicated to helping those who work in the private sector with a unique understanding of the various aspects that are involved is key if there is a disagreement.

There are many different aspects of private sector employment that could be cause for a problem. This includes an employer wrongfully terminating the employee or an employer discriminating against an employee based on the employee’s age, sex, disability, religion, military status and more. Another workplace issue in the private sector involves an employee’s privacy protections. Finally, private sector issues include whistleblowing on an employer’s illegal or wrongful acts, reporting sexual harassment and more.

Also at issue could be the right to file a legal claim. This includes administrative hearings and punishments. Contract issues involving non-competition clauses or disagreements about what the contract says are also issues in the private sector. Security and clearance issues, licensing issues, benefits that might have been withheld or wrongly diminished, wages and hours issues, unemployment issues, issues regarding complaints and grievances, issues involving disability determination and a great many other factors might come up over the course of employment and may require legal help.

It is unfortunate that some private sector employers might try to take advantage of workers in any manner, but it does happen all too frequently. What employees must remember is that the state gives them a variety of rights and protections. Speaking to a legal professional who has experience in assisting clients in these types of employment disputes is the first step to filing a claim and achieving justice.


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