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Musician accuses of unwanted sexual advances in lawsuit

In California, sexual harassment on the job is a problem that arises relatively frequently. There are various ways in which an employee can be harassed and it is not limited to certain workplaces. It can and does occur in regular workaday jobs, and in jobs that are seemingly more enjoyable such as the entertainment industry. While entertainers might be doing something they love for significant sums of money, that does not mean that employers do not have to adhere to employment law. When there is a legal violation related to sexual harassment, those who have been affected have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

The former drummer for the musician Eddie Money has filed a sexual harassment claim against the singer. This case is an addition to a previous claim that the drummer made that he was wrongfully terminated. The drummer, Glenn Symmonds, says that he had been subjected to a firing from his job because of his age, that he suffered from physical problems after bladder cancer and injuring his back. Now Symmonds also says that Money made unwanted sexual advances toward his fiancée.

According to the claim, Money behaved inappropriately, both on stage and off, by making lewd gestures and attempting to kiss Symmonds’s fiancée. The original claim stemmed from Symmonds’s bladder cancer and repeated ridicule directed at him by Money. The entire band had been told that Money was going to tour with his family rather than the band, but all would be back to work eventually. They were, except for Symmonds. Money denies the allegations.

This case is one in which a prominent person in the entertainment industry is facing multiple accusations related to an employee. While it might seem to be unusual for a well-known entertainer to be involved in such a case, when boiling it down, it is akin to an employment dispute that can happen to anyone in any industry. Those who are dealing with similar issues need to understand their rights if they have lost a job, been demoted or treated in any way illegally. Speaking to an attorney can help with moving forward with a legal case to get compensation.

Source: Billboard, “Eddie Money Drummer Ramps Up Discrimination Lawsuit With Sexual Harassment Claims,” Ashley Collins, May 31, 2016


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